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A home with a nautical flair.

Architect, Roger Hummel

Millwork and Cabinetry, Architectural Elements of Michigan

Designed with a nautical intent, architect Roger Hummel incorporated exposed beams and fasteners, circular doors and windows.  A glacial scrubbed stone walkway leads visitors to the front door, through the center of the house, and out to the deck on the lake. Efficient and tightly detailed as a ship’s cabin, this Lake Leelanau residence boasts built in storage and entertainment units hidden behind the same vertical grain lap cedar that sides the home. The many custom features include light fixtures, hardware and staircases.

I frequently point out to visitors that our home was built like a piece of furniture: the fit and finish on everything from doors to cabinetry to windowsills and window frames is that precise and refined. The Anderson Builders crew who built our house was not just skillful; they were a group of artisans who were precise and very particular about their work. Even the exterior and interior cedar siding boards were selected so the grains would match and the natural colors were compatible.

There was very little about our house that was ‘standard.’ Although the design appeared simple to the casual eye, it was deceptively complex, with many details carefully spelled out by the architect. Anderson Builders honored the design with a beautiful execution. Now, even after we have lived in our home for more than five years, we continue to admire the design, and the builders’ handiwork in carrying it out.”

– John Zink

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