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Anderson Builders: On the leading edge of Green

“In 1987, James Anderson Builders constructed our home on Glen Lake. It was built with many environmentally friendly features. The wooden basement has kept our crawl space warmer and with less settling than the usual cement block foundation. Our ground water heat pump has been very efficient and economical to run. Our sunroom with two feet of stones under the tile floor has allowed us to capture the sun’s heat in the winter. We were very pleased with the attention to detail and Jim’s on the job supervision of all phases of the building process.”

– June and Jerry Powley

James Anderson, President, is a Certified Green Professional Builder through the National Association of Home Builders. Anderson Builders has for many years incorporated Green Building features in our homes that can broadly be categorized as follows:

  • Energy Efficiency: Building systems that use minimal energy while providing the same comfort levels.
  • Water Efficiency: Water fixtures, reuse techniques and other measures that reduce water use.
  • Site Use: Minimization of land use for a building, location, erosion prevention and other techniques that reduce impact on surrounding land.
  • Material Useage: Recycled, easily regenerated, or efficiently produced materials and building techniques that minimize the materials required.
  • Indoor Environmental Quality: Use of nontoxic materials, good ventilation, day lighting and other improvements to the indoor environment that increases comfort.

Anderson Builders and its sister company, Architectural Elements of Michigan, has the resources to provide and/or fabricate building components using environmentally healthy materials and green manufacturing processes.

Anderson Builders recommends Strickland Ewing and Associates, who provides high-performance green building consulting, green building program verification, and energy auditing. For information, contact www.stricklandewing.com or max@stricklandewing.com.

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